How to store small sachets

How to store the beloved CHANEL small sachet after buying it?

The bag will be dirty after use, so it is easy to mold. We must clean and maintain it before storing it, and then let it dry before receiving it in the dust bag.

The editor here tells you a method. When we shop online, the products will have shock-proof bubble cloth. Don’t lose it~ You can put it in the bag to prevent the body from being deformed. Do not use Xuan paper or cloth because the cloth and paper It will absorb water, and it will easily have a musty smell if it is placed in the bag without frequent replacement.

If you must avoid bag deformation, you can use seersucker to put it inside the bag, and it should not be too full or too little.

Do not stack the bags, the leather will be deformed or indented due to the stacking

The leather piercing chain should also be wrapped separately and placed in the bag to avoid leaving indentations on the bag.


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