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Q1 Why should I become a BINLY member? what is the benefit?

In order to provide a better and more convenient way to receive member discounts, for customers who purchase, become a BINLY member, and enjoy preferential activities to see the notifications and shopping discounts first.

Q2 Why can’t I log in normally?

Please confirm whether you have already registered as a member. If you have already registered, please confirm whether your account number and password are entered correctly. If you still have problems, please contact us. A dedicated person will serve you. Customer service line LINE:@binly.

Q3. What are the precautions for the event?

BINLY has the right to stop all member activities. If a dispute arises between the member and the company’s activity plan, the basis for all dispute explanations shall be based on the transaction data retained by the company.

BINLY reserves the right to change, change and modify the content of member services and rights at any time, and will announce it on this website without prior notice.

Q4. Why did I not receive the order?

  1. If you have not received the order confirmation notification letter, it is possible that your email box has filtered the notification letter as spam. Please search in the spam folder and set the letter from binly as a safe email (account ), or reset your inbox on the Internet to avoid the same situation when you order next time.
  2. If you are a non-member and did not register, and did not fill in the e-mail information at the time of shopping checkout, you will not be able to receive the order payment notification letter in the first time. We will transfer it to someone to handle it for you. If you need to confirm urgently, please contact us Customer service, line:@binly, will handle it for you in the first room.

Q5. Why do I receive a notification letter of order reservation?

If you receive an “Order Hold” email, it means that we are unable to obtain authorization to process the payment for your order. To protect your security and privacy, the issuing bank cannot provide information on why the payment was declined. Please follow the instructions in the email to contact the issuing bank, or your payment has not been successful. After the payment issue is resolved, your order can proceed to the next stage.

Q6. Precautions for non-member purchases?

  1. For non-member purchases, please take a screenshot of the order number and details after completing the order. This page does not provide non-member inquiry services. Please be sure to contact us through official LINE@binly to complete the purchase or inquire about the order.
  2. For customers who did not fill in the e-mail, we will be notified by a special SMS on working days. If you have not received the SMS after waiting for more than 36 hours, please contact us through the official line: @binly service.

“binly提醒您 預防詐騙請提高警覺”

Q7. Instructions for overseas shipping

  1. Due to the different import tariff standards of various countries, if your country wishes to collect tariffs on goods when receiving the package, the buyer must pay by himself.
  2. Please be sure to fill in the correct recipient information. If the package cannot be delivered because the receiving information is incorrect and no one signs for it, we will cancel the entire order directly.
  3. If the local courier company fails to deliver for many times and the customer service informs the recipient and fails to get in touch, some courier companies will no longer return the package, and we will not refund any money. Please pay attention.
  4. As mentioned above, overseas shipping is not provided due to cumbersome and inconvenient return services. Please read the size table and materials carefully before placing an order.

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