Shipping method



Standard delivery: 3-7 working days

Delivery method provided

Super business pickup

-The merchandise will be delivered to your designated store within 5-7 working days. After the merchandise arrives at the designated store, the system will send a SMS notification. Please bring your ID card to the convenience store to verify your identity and pick up your package within the time specified in the content of the newsletter.

  • A short message notification will be sent when the product arrives in the store, please be sure to leave the correct mobile phone number.
  • When picking up the parcel, you need to check your ID. Please make sure that the name of the consignee is the same as that on the ID card.
  • There is a package volume limit for supermarket pickup. If the size of the package exceeds the upper limit, this function cannot be used, and it can only be delivered by home delivery.

Home delivery

-The goods will be delivered to your designated receiving address within 3~5 working days (excluding weekly holidays and national holidays) (except for network abnormalities, natural disasters or force majeure); in order to ensure the progress of the service, please be sure to fill in the correct receipt Pieces of information.

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