Return method


Seven-day appreciation period

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, you are provided with the right to enjoy a seven-day appreciation period starting from the day after the arrival of the product. The appreciation period serves as your evaluation of whether to purchase the product, and does not provide you with a trial of the product. You can request a refund during the appreciation period, but the appreciation period is not a trial period.

Remind you that the product must be in a brand new state when it is returned, so it must be restored to the original state when you received the product (including gifts, invoices, accessories, internal and external packaging bags, etc.), otherwise, returns will not be accepted. If the product is unpacked or the package is damaged, return is not accepted. Please make sure that the product is correct before starting to use it. Please notify us before returning the product. The product must be returned to the company within three days, otherwise it will affect your right to return.

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