Security of customer online transactions

  1. Online shopping transaction data is easy to leak, fake merchants falsely claim that they “mistakenly set up installment payments”, fake post offices, bank staff deceive operations to remove their own deposits to other people’s accounts, it must be a fraud, the Police Department 165 cares about you!
  2. Remind you! “ATM has no installment payment function”, calls “remove ATM settings”, “misplaced orders”, “repetitive deductions” and other terms are frauds. Police Department 165 cares about you!
  3. “Fake investment, real fraud”, the gangster used words to claim that “invest in ○○ channels, easily earn high returns, without losing money”, it may be a scam, please check carefully, the Police Department 165 cares about you!
  4. Please be careful when receiving suspicious text messages with short URLs (recently, .xyz is the bulk). Do not click on the links, enter personal information or install unknown programs. You can use the “Fraud Prevention Expert” to identify the URL! 165 care about you.

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